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Feature Basic Pro
Integration License 1 Year 1 Year
# of Accounts 5000 100,000 +
# of Models 250+ 250+
# of Backgrounds 200+ 200+
# of Scenes per Account Unlimited Unlimited
# of Scene Playbacks Unlimited Unlimited
Secure Playback Domains 2 Domains Multi-Domain
Publishing Options
Javascript Embed (full featured) X X
Embed in Flash X X
Generate Video (MP4, AVI, 3GP, 3GPP2, WMV) X
Export as Flash Content (for offline playback) X
Send To Mobile Devices (US Only) X
Administrative Control
Editor Configuration X X
# of Editor Configurations Unlimited Unlimited
Specify Avatar Styles and Assets for Your Users X X
Editor Integrartion API X X
Client API X X
Server API X
Advanced Features
Control Editor Design/Appearance X
Flagging & Moderation X
Branding Removal X
Introduce Your Own Branding X
Custom Designed Avatars & Accessories X