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SitePal Presents Full Body Avatars
Create a full body speaking and gesturing avatar live on your site

We are excited to offer you SitePal Full Body avatars. Bring your site to life and engage your customers with life like moving avatars. Customize and choose your avatar to your liking. Add your audio and let us do the rest. It's that easy. Using our technology your avatar will automatically gesture and move to your speech. No programming or code required. Change your avatar as often as you like, included with your current subscription at no extra cost.*

Engage on mobile. We realize more and more users use mobile devices to browse the web, so it's important to engage those customers too. SitePal Full Body avatars are fully functional on mobile. We've worked hard to make them HTML 5 compatible. They will gesture, move, speak just like they would on a desktop browser. APIs calls are fully supported.

  • Avatars can gesture automatically based on its speech with natural looking movements. No programming required!
  • Full Body female and male avatars that can be customized to your liking as often as you want.
  • Has the ability to fully run on mobile devices using HTML 5, with API capabilities.

  • Increase customer engagement no matter what device they are on.
  • A Full Body avatar to represent your site and engage customers.
  • No need to pay for expensive "one time" videos. Change the appearance and dialogue of your avatar at anytime for no extra cost!

Full Body Gallery
Check out our Full Body Avatars.
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