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SitePal October 2010 Newsletter
Get the Most Out of Your SitePal Speaking Avatar

SitePal's Best Practices Series #3:

Holiday Edition
Last time we spoke about Optimizing your Message. Your choice of message is a central part of your SitePal Success! If you missed any past newsletters, you can view them here. This month's newsletter is dedicated to the holidays. This week is a great time to make some simple updates to your SitePal avatars that will reflect the holiday season and win over your website visitors!
Here's a simple Holiday Action Plan to spice up your SitePal avatar and get visitors even more interested in what you have to say:
Choose a Holiday Background
In the editor, select Backgrounds, then choose Holidays from the drop-down menu. If you have a great holiday photo/ video, even better! Just click Upload and select your file. The right background will set the stage nicely.
Use a Holiday Greeting
Even a standard holiday greeting (like "Happy Holidays!" or "Ho, ho, ho!") can grab visitors' attention and show that your content is fresh and up to date. But remember: the more relevant the greeting, the better the results you can expect from your SitePal.
Try a Specialty Holiday Avatar
A custom holiday avatar is the best way to show your holiday spirit. We have a great selection of holiday avatars in our specialty model shop. Normally, specialty models cost $19.50. But this month, you can get a selection of specialty models for much less! See below.
Bonus Tip: Model-Specific Offers!
Feeling creative? Why not have a model-specific offer? Have a holiday/ seasonal character offer a specific discount. For example, during your Thanksgiving event, a pumpkin or pilgrim character can say "Save 15% whenever I'm around!" Then, use a Santa or Snowman character for your December promotion. Publish your avatar on your site, on Facebook/Myspace, and in an email. Using a different model for each promotion will help build anticipation and excitement among your visitors!

For more info, see our Holiday Marketing Tips.

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SitePal News: Product Updates

We are constantly working to make SitePal more interesting and useful for our customers. If you have any product suggestions, feel free to email us.

Text-to-Speech Updates:

Languages: Arabic TTS is Now Available!
TTS Languages Available: 27
Voices: New Norwegian and Spanish Voices Added! Check it out here.

API Updates:

New API function ("setIdleMovement") controls idle head movements in 3D avatars. Read SitePal's API documentation.

Tis the Season of Giving!

This season, make the most of your SitePal avatar. Right now, Buy 1 Specialty Character and Get 2 Free! Simply choose your 3 characters and use Promo Code 6QZMVIX36E when you check out. Browse our selection of Specialty Models. This promotion is valid for Existing and New Accounts.

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