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SitePal January 2011 Newsletter

A New Year, New Avatars, and New Features from SitePal!

January 2011: The SitePal Resolution Edition

Happy New Year! We have some very exciting news to share with you this month! By the way, if you missed any past newsletters, you can view them here. For many of us, New Year’s is about setting goals and resolutions for the year to come, and SitePal is no exception. This issue is all about what SitePal has in store for 2011. We’re giving you a sneak peek into some of the exciting upgrades that SitePal is launching this year. A lot is changing, but not our rates!

We're pleased to inform you that, once again, SitePal will NOT be increasing its membership rates! Unlike most other business and website tools, SitePal's membership rates have remained constant for several years. And, once again, we have decided not to increase our rates. We hope that this makes you happy! You can learn more about our rates here.

In addition to SitePal’s unlimited email support, we have just introduced the new SitePal support community. Now, you can easily search for answers to your questions about SitePal. Ask a question, share an idea or a tip, report a problem, or just give us a compliment! If you’re a SitePal expert, you can even answer others’ questions about SitePal. We‘ve also added this feature to our Facebook Page! For fast and friendly community support, visit community.sitepal.com.


Based on your suggestions, over the next few weeks, we are going to be adding over a dozen New 3D models to SitePal’s base model collection. These new models will be available to all SitePal customers!

This month, we’d like to welcome the newest members of SitePal’s avatar community! These new models are available for use now! Click on each model to see him/ her in action!

SitePal has partnered with the industry’s top TTS (text-to-speech) providers to get you the latest and greatest TTS voices. This month, we are introducing five (5) new TTS voices: Bridget (UK English female), Laila (Arabic Female), Violeta (Spanish female), Hui (Chinese female), and Liang (Chinese male). We now offer over 25 languages and over 150 TTS voices!
We have just upgraded the quality of SitePal’s TTS audio! SitePal TTS audio files now play at 48 kbps, up from 16 kbps! That is Triple the audio rate! This upgrade will result in higher quality audio sound without affecting the loading time.
SitePal has just introduced a new API function: "setSpeechMovement(50)". Characters perform random head movements during speech. This function enables users to set the intensity of the character’s movement when speaking or disable the movement altogether. Click here to learn more.

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Coming Soon to SitePal!

We are creating a newer, better SitePal! Over the coming weeks, we will be introducing more new features, a bigger selection, and new benefits for our customers. Here are some of the features that you can expect to see:

More New Avatars & Backgrounds!

We're introducing over a dozen new 3D models!

Background Video Looping!

You can already use your own video as a scene background. Now, you'll be able to loop that video!

Improved Facebook Publishing!

Soon, you'll be able to publish scenes to others' profiles. We're also including play/ pause buttons and improved sharing!

Improved Lead Generator!

When you use SitePal's functional players to generate website leads, you'll be able to customize the auto-responder message that your visitors receive!

New Outfits for 3D Photoreal Avatars!

We'll be giving 3D models casual and specialty outfits.

New Email Publishing Templates!

We're partnering with industry leaders to give you access to improved SitePal email publishing templates!

New Partner Offers!

You'll soon have access to exclusive partner discounts, like 25% Off of email marketing solutions!

Free Online Business Directory Listings!

Soon, you’ll be able to sign up for premium business listings, at no charge, right from SitePal!

Want to see another SitePal model or feature?

If there is another feature that you would love to see in your SitePal account - no problem! Simply visit our brand new Support Community and select “Share an Idea.” We promise to review and consider every single idea that is suggested.

Don’t have an account? Click Here to try the Demo.

Presidents’ Day Promotion! 50% Off!

They say that Politicians make the Best Salespeople!

Presidents' Day is just around the corner (Feb 21). Why not impress your visitors by placing a US president on your site? Right now, get 50% Off of one or more models in our US Presidents category! Just choose your model(s) in our Specialty Models Store and use Promo Code QJF1QSD3BA when you check out. Spice up your site in minutes!

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