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March 2011

Get Ready to Get More from SitePal

If you received our previous newsletter, you know that we're improving SitePal, with many new features. You can read the previous newsletter here. This month, we're introducing more new features and models! We're also featuring a SitePal client with a great website. We're even lowering some prices!

Lower Prices on SitePal Add-On's

To show our appreciation, we're lowering the cost of two popular add-on's for all existing and new customers.

Audio streams: We've reduced the cost of add-on audio streams. Now, making sure you don't run out is easier than ever! Details.

Specialty models: We've also lowered the prices of many SitePal specialty models! Specialty models now start at under $10!

Meet Our Newest 3D Models: More & Merrier!

Last time, you met James and Julie. This month, we're happy to introduce you to our latest additions! Change up your scenes with these great new avatars.

Meet Linda

Meet Vincent

Meet Sophia

Meet Alex

As always, 3D models are available to all SitePal customers!

Meet Józefa Fawcett, Founder,
LearningVoice Ltd

"As someone who has used SitePal since 2005, I have regularly changed the look and feel of the avatars and truly believe that this offers such a unique and interesting addition to my branding. SitePal helps me stand out from others in the training business, who mostly use the latest fad of videos of themselves in their websites. I am now using SitePal more and more in my lecturing at University to teach new Learning Professionals how to incorporate this technology in their training designs – thank you SitePal, and consider me a customer for many years to come!"

Visit | Read Józefa's blog

New Feature: Set Playback Volume

After several requests, we have just introduced the playback volume feature. Now, SitePal customers can easily set the default playback volume of their SitePal scenes. This feature determines how loud your scene will play on your website.

Learn more.

In this issue:

Lower Prices on Add-on’s

More New 3D Models

Featured Customer

New Feature: Playback Volume

“I love SitePal!!! I've been with you guys for over 5 years!”
– Teresa T.

Community Help:

How can I increase the audio length of my scene?

How can I use more than one Avatar on a page?

Can SitePal talk to the viewer by name?

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“SitePal is my favorite site. Ever.”
– Brittany H.

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– Dr. Judi C.

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