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May, 2011

Make your Site more Engaging this Spring

Spring is here and the summer selling season is just around the corner. Right now is a great time to make simple changes to your website and help it stand out from the competition. This month, we're helping you make your site more engaging and interesting to your visitors. We hope you take advantage of these great new features. If you missed any past newsletters, you can view them here.

New 3D Models - Available to All Customers!

Last time, you met Linda, Vincent, Sophia, and Alex. Thank you for the great feedback - we're glad you like them! This month, we're launching more new human-like models to give you an even greater selection. Our new website avatars are now live. Simply log in to your account and start creating! If you don't have an account, try out the new models in our Free Online Demo.

Meet Laura

Meet Robert

Meet Melissa

Meet Raymond

As always, 3D models are available to all SitePal customers!

Text-to-Speech (TTS): New Languages!

As part of our commitment to offer you the best website spokesperson tool available (anywhere), we're introducing more new TTS Voices. The following are now available to all SitePal customers who use TTS.

New Languages: We just added three (3) new languages to our TTS lineup (bringing the total to 29 languages): Indonesian, Hungarian, Romanian.

New Voices: We also added ten (10) new TTS voices for you to choose from (bringing the total to nearly 200 voices).

Interested in this feature? Learn more about SitePal text-to-speech.

SitePal Tip: Playing Multiple Audio Messages
I'd like to add some variety to my website. How can I do that with SitePal?

When a visitor comes to your site, they hear the message that you have assigned to your avatar. Some users may visit your site more than once, and you may not want these repeat visitors to hear the same message every time. One great way to add more variety, and to keep them engaged, is to assign multiple audio messages to your SitePal scene.

Many SitePal users aren't aware that, with SitePal, you can easily assign multiple (up to 20) audio messages to each SitePal scene. For example, if you assign 3 audio messages to a scene, your avatar will randomly select one (1) of those messages to say.

Selecting multiple audio messages requires no API knowledge or "special powers" of any kind. It's easy and quick to set up and can do wonders for your website! Here's all you need to do. Read the full post.

In this issue:

Introducing: New 3D Models

New Text-to-Speech Voices

SitePal Tip: Multiple Audios

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