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2007 SitePal Newsletters

January 2007 Issue
  • New Background Images Available
  • Valentine's Day Giveaway
  • SitePal Showcase:
  • SitePal Marketing Tip: Providing The Answers Your Customers…
February 2007 Issue
  • SitePal Wins 2006 "Product To Watch" Award
  • SitePal Showcase: Alternative Home Theater
  • Create A Unique And Memorable Online Brand
March 2007 Issue
  • New Feature: SitePal PowerPoint Plugin
  • Ask the Expert: How To Maximize Your Sales & Marketing Budget
  • Enter the SitePal Virtual Makeover Challenge
  • New Political Models Added To Store
  • SitePal Showcase: Abrakadoodle
  • SitePal in The News
April 2007 Issue
  • SitePal Promotion: 50% Off 3D Angela
  • Ask the Expert: How Do I Spot Trends Affecting My Business?
  • Meet the CEO of SitePal: Adi Sideman
  • SitePal Tip: Increase Sales & Traffic with Clickable SitePal Characters!
  • SitePal Showcase: 1st Art Gallery
  • SitePal Virtual Makeover Challenge Winner Chosen
May 2007 Issue
  • SitePal Introduces New 3D Models
  • A SitePal Makeover Story: One Lucky User's SitePal is Virtually Transformed
  • Lead Generation Solution is More Customizable
  • Ask The Expert: Simple RSS Tricks
  • Build Right Online Integrates SitePal Into Flash Presentation
  • SitePal Editor Has Been Updated
June 2007 Issue
  • New Feature: SitePal AutoPhoto Model
  • Ask The Expert: How To Use The Web To Create Loyal Customers
  • SitePal Tip: Generating Leads For Your Customer Database
  • SitePal Upgrade: Long Body Models
  • SitePal Showcase; Salon Geeks
  • Try SitePal FREE and Get 4 Additional Models
July 2007 Issue
  • SitePal Case Study: Daughter Nature Increased Sales by 40% with SitePal
  • Special Offer Extended: Transform Your Photo into a 3D Speaking Character in Minutes!
  • Partner Spotlight: Love SitePal and Want a Great Website?
  • Send an Avatar Message to Friends
  • SitePal White Paper
  • SitePal In The News: NY Report
August 2007 Issue
  • New Feature: Drag and Drop Your SitePal Character On To Your Site!
  • SitePal Update: SitePal Introduces New Models, Hairstyles & Clothing!
  • SitePal AutoPhoto Feature: Transform Your Photo Into a 3D AutoPhoto Model!
  • Partner Spotlight: Want a Google Boost for Your Website?
  • Client Testimonial: Dinners in a Flash
  • SitePal's Specialty Models and Voice Talents on Sale now!
September 2007 Issue
  • New SitePal Models: Introducing Ashley and Ginger
  • New and Improved Feature: Lead Generator Solution to Collect Leads and Generates Reports!
  • Partner Spotlight: Is Your Website Ready for the Holidays?
  • Voice Talent Available for Lowest Price Yet!
October 2007 Issue
  • SitePal Proved 144% Higher Conversions
  • AB Test On Small Business Trends
  • New SitePal 3D Model: Introducing Erik
  • SitePal Feature: Embed Overlay
  • Client Testimonial: Pure Sunless
November 2007 Issue
  • Maximize Holiday Sales Using A SitePal Character 5 Easy And Effective Tactics You Can Try Today
  • SitePal Update: SitePal Launches New Editor
  • A/B Test Using SitePal Character: Case Study Now Available
  • Client Testimonial: Say Thank You With Coffee
December 2007 Issue
  • New Holiday Models Added to Store
  • Get Into the Holiday Spirit with A Free Talking Santa
  • SitePal Tip: SitePal PowerPoint Plugin Now Available
  • NY XPO for Small Business