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June Highlight: SitePal Reports Enhanced!

We are happy to announce that SitePal reporting capabilities have been improved! The enhancements, which are now available to all SitePal customers, will help you monitor and analyze viewers' interaction with your SitePal character(s) and your site. The reports are updated in near real time.

Usage Information per Scene

Updated reports now allow you to drill down to individual scenes to see which SitePal scene(s) are most popular or effective, so you can optimize their usage.

More Detailed Information

New information now includes the number of page visitors, average time they spend and how many times they see and play your SitePal character(s).

Freshness Meter

Is your SitePal fresh? On My Scene list, a new graphic meter lets you see at glance which scenes are stale and could be updated.

Fresh Meter

Dashboard & Email reporting

In addition to the regular 'Reports' section, a dashboard in the log in area now provides a quick snapshot of your usage data. You can also have the reports delivered to your inbox daily or monthly. (Turn on notifications in 'Account Info' area to receive email reports).

To see new reports, log into your account and visit "Report" area

SitePal Product Update - What else is new?

Pre-Recorded Messages

This month, we have added 12 new messages to the generic audio library. These professionally recorded messages are available to all SitePal customers at no cost.

Our generic audio messages fall under several categories, including greetings, sales, support, holiday promotions and messages to urge your site visitors to take action.

Check them out today - Log into your account and go to 'Step 4: Audios' in your SitePal editor to review & select our ready-made messages.

Summer Blast

Update your SitePal character for the season with one of our new animated summer backgrounds and summer outfit!

Log into your account to check them out.

New backgrounds: Go to 'step 3 Background' in the editor and select "Animated" category

New outfit: Go to 'step 2 Accessory' in the editor and select "Others" category

Beach Scene

New Background - Beach

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Tip of the Month - Embed Overlay

After our April newsletter was sent out, a few customers have asked how they could deploy a character using the Embed Overlay option as seen in the featured customer example, Quantum Identity Group.

Embed overlay is a great option for an HTML notice because it allows users to place the character on a relative spot on the site just by adding our code at the top of the page instead of redoing the entire page layout.

How to use Embed Overlay

Watch a quick "Tutorial video - Embed Overlay" to learn how to use Embed Overlay for your website.

Quantum Deployment

Customer Example -
Embed Overlay

Customer of the Month

Loftus Photography

June's Customer of the Month is Loftus Photography, which specializes in wedding and special event photography.

After having struggled for years to reduce its phone support load for potential customers, the website implemented a speaking character (Kathleen) enabled with SitePal Artificial Intelligence to assist customers.

SitePal Artificial Intelligence Management Center (AIMC) allowed Loftus Photography to "teach" the virtual Kathleen to respond to user questions with context-sensitive spoken answers.

"We saw a remarkable 50% increase in sales productivity by reducing the time for an average phone consultation to half while increasing the customer satisfaction.", gushes Dan Loftus, owner of Loftus Photography, on the result.

Read the full case study

SitePal AIMC is available in Gold package, and doesn't require any programming knowledge to use.

To experience, sign up for a 15 day trial.

Fun Stuff with SitePal

Sitepal Fun

What about a piece of comedy by our founding fathers this July 4th, if barbeques and fireworks are not enough? The cast include B. Franklin, G. Washington and Uncle Sam. Oh, don't miss the opening by a talking hot dog.

Want to have these founding fathers as your spokespeople? Check out our Independence Day special promotion in our model store.