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August Highlights - Add more to your avatar!

Try some of our cool features and take your SitePal avatar to the next level! This month, we picked two of our favorites - Artificial Intelligence and Embed Overlay. Both features are easy to implement and with our step-by-step tutorial videos, it's a breeze to try them to enhance the look, behavior, and even 'brain' of your avatar.

Embed Overlay example

Embed Overlay Tutorial

Embed overlay is a powerful (and easy-to-use) feature that can greatly enhance the overall look and behavior of your avatar. The updated tutorial walks you through the steps as well as gives examples of various features, such as making your avatar disappear after speaking.
Watch Embed Overlay tutorial video

A.I example

Artificial Intelligence (A.I) Tutorial

Using SitePal's A.I, you can 'teach' your avatar to respond to visitors' questions with contextual answers. A.I requires little programming skill and after watching this step-by-step tutorial, you will be able to set one up in an hour!
Watch A.I. tutorial video
(You need a SitePal Gold account to use A.I feature)

The tutorial videos are also available in our support area.

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What's new - Product and feature updates

Video background

Upload any video as your avatar's background! A video background is not only exciting, but it can also improve the comprehension of your avatar's message (e.g. product tour). To use the newly added video background feature, open your editor, go to "Step 3: Background" and click the "upload video" button.

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Tips of the Month - Using Avatars for FAQ

By using a SitePal avatar for your FAQ, you can have the character give a spoken answer to each question from your FAQ list when users click. It makes your FAQ more interesting and engaging.

This month, we will share tips how to use SitePal's FAQ player to set up an avatar FAQ without any programming. If you're technically savvy, you can build your own FAQ interactions using our API. We will cover this topic in the next issue.

See Avatar FAQ example

1. Plan ahead

We recommend writing out your questions and answers in a word pad before starting. By planning ahead, you can not only save your time, but ensure your questions and answers are clearly organized.

2. Set up a scene

Open the editor and go through from step 1 "Model" to step 3 "Background" to set up a visual of the scene for your FAQ.

3. Create audio answers

At step 4 "Audio" in the editor, create audio files for your answers. Having your answers already planned out on a word document will make this task easier. For clearest, most professional quality, we recommend record by microphone or use professional voice talents. Make sure all audio files are saved in the audio library.

4. Assemble FAQ player

Now move on to Step 5 "Player" to assemble. Pick "FAQ" from the player type and select a player design you like. Click on the "FAQ" tab on the top. Add your questions in text fields in order and match them to corresponding audio files you prepared. (Watch "players" section in our tutorial video for a visual walk through of this step) Here are a couple of best practice tips at the assembly stage.

Color matching: At 'Display Setting' tab, you can change the colors of frame, buttons, and font of your player. Use this coloring feature so that your FAQ player looks consistent with the rest of your site design.

Playback buttons: At 'Display Setting' tab, you can add playback control buttons such as 'pause' and 'volume bar'. Because a dynamic FAQ requires active participation from your users, we recommend you give them the right control how they want to interact with it.

5. Publishing

Once you're done, close the editor, and click on the "publishing" icon for the scene. Follow the steps to copy & paste the code to publish the FAQ to your website. That's it!

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Customer of the Month

San Carlos City Hall

Faced with budget cuts, the City Hall of San Carlos commissioned Carly the avatar to sit in as the virtual lobby receptionist. She responds to visitors' questions and helps them navigate the buildling.

Read a case study how Carly helped the city hall save $90K a year and earn acclaims from city hall visitors

Read the buzz about Carly:

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Carly the avatar greets visitors to San Carlos city hall