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October Highlights - Introducing Platinum

We're thrilled to announce SitePal Platinum has just launched! As a premium package for integrators or mega-sites with larger website traffic, SitePal Platinum offers unique features and capabilities. Here are some of them:

• Enormous amount of streams (1.2M / year)
• Every model we offer (+250)
• Unlimited domains and scenes
• New Server API enables integrating SitePal into your applications or products
• Re-branding of SitePal characters

To learn more about SitePal Platinum, visit our website
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What's new - Feature & Product updates

Say hello to new faces

Good news - new models have been added to ALL packages for free!

Gold & Platinum users - Two new models, Jada & Vic, are now available in your account (See image to the right)
Bronze & Silver users - Two models Chloe & Joan, previously available only to Gold accounts, have been added to your account.

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Tech Playground is open!

We just put up a new section of our web site where you can try out a variety of cool demos using Oddcast avatar technology. (Oddcast is SitePal's parent company). Avatar Space Chat, Avatar Converter, Avatar Interpreter and more cool demos are waiting for you!

Go to Tech Playground and let's have some fun.

Tips of the Month - Using Avatars for FAQ

In our recent newsletter, we showed how to use SitePal's built-in FAQ player to set up an avatar FAQ (providing audio answers for text questions) without any programming. This month, we will show you how to make a custom FAQ by using API.

The two examples above show how to set up such interactions using javaScript or actionscript 2. With our APIs, you are able to dynamically call out audio. Couple this ability with hyperlink or flash buttons and one can make a clickable objects that dynamically call audio from our servers.

Here are the steps to recreate the javaScript example.
1. Upload your audio(s) to your SitePal account.
2. Embed a javaScript embedded scene on your page
3. Type out your text question on your page.
4. Highlight the text question and turn it into a hyperlink.
The href for your hyperlink needs to be "javaScript:sayAudio('AudioName');"

For each question 'AudioName' will need to be replaced with the name of the audio that you want to respond with as it appears in your account.

Questions? Contact our tech support for assistance.

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Trick or Treat!

Create a talking Halloween card and send it to your friends. It's free. Scare your friends!

Dress Up Your Website

Put our monsters to scary use and make your website Halloween-savvy!
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