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January Highlight - Case Study Series 2009

Small Businesses Innovate with SitePal in Face of Recession

Many of our customers are telling us that they feel overwhelmed trying to continue business growth while cutting expenses. To provide some insight we interviewed several small businesses representing various industries to learn how they are taking advantage of SitePal technology to innovate their websites, improve customer relationships and continue to succeed in a challenging economy. The lesson learned? With out-of-the box thinking, you can actually turn this hard time into an opportunity.

The first study in this series is Web Pointe Mall, a premium online shopping site that was negatively affected by the reduction in consumer spending last year. Read the case study and see how Web Pointe Mall used SitePal to increase customer acquisition while reducing cost

Coming up next month - a story of World Voyage, an online travel agency. Stay tuned!

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What's new - Feature & Product updates

New Product: SitePal Avatar Framework for Integrators

Looking to integrate SitePal technology into your web application? Check out SitePal Avatar Framework, the next evolution of the SitePal platform - designed for seamless integration of SitePal avatar technology with your products and services. Learn more

Introducing New TTS Voices and Languages!

We've just added several new Text-To-Speech (TTS) voices, languages and English dialects. With the additions, SitePal TTS now supports 25 languages and 7 English dialects.

• New languages: Finnish, Hindi and Icelandic
• New English dialects: Scottish and South African (existing dialects include US, UK, Australian, Irish and Indian)

These additions are available to Silver package level & higher.

Use our TTS Demo to review all SitePal voices and languages

Tip of the Month - Turn visitors into leads
                                       with SitePal lead form

As seen in Web Pointe Mall's case study above, SitePal lead generator can help you capture leads from your site and build an internal mailing list in a cost-effective way. Using SitePal's lead generator, you not only get a built-in lead form (which otherwise you would have to build on your own) but the combination with your Sitepal virtual agent can turn more visitors into leads.

Selecting a lead generation Player for your SitePal is easily done by taking the following steps in the Scene Editor:
• Prepare your SitePal Scene before selecting the "Players" tab at the bottom of the editor.
• For best results use an audio that provides a clear call to action to fill out the form.
• In step 5 "Players", select "Lead Gen" from the drop down
• Choose a "Lead Gen" design style on the viewing panel
• [optional] Select your button colors on the "Display" Tab
• Customize the settings of your lead form on the "Functions" tab. In this step, you can enter an email for the lead to be sent to, change the names on the fields and add your own feedback sounds and text.
• Save and publish your Scene.

Of course, the best part of using the lead generator is seeing your new leads coming in! When a customer fills out the lead form, the information is emailed to your inbox immediately. To print out all of your leads as a single spreadsheet, log into your SitePal account and see report 3 in the 'Reports' tab.

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Customer Showcase
Site of the Month

Zoom Balloon sells custom printed balloons and uses SitePal magic to make their online product demo literarily a "wizard"!
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