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February Highlight - Join us on Facebook

We're happy to announce that we've just published our official SitePal fan page in Facebook. Be one of the first fans of SitePal on Facebook and help us spread the word. This is also a great place where you can connect with other SitePal users and fans and share your ideas. The fan page will continue to be updated with exciting content, so stay tuned!

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What's new - Feature & Product updates

[Special Offer] FREE model giveaway for St. Patrick's day

Want to add some green to your website, celebrating St. Patrick's day?

Use a special members-only promo code to get one of our St. Patrick's day specialty models for FREE!

• Promo code: PATRICK9F2
• Offer expires on: Mar. 14, 2009

Go to the model store and get the free model

* Select one of the St. Patrick's day models from the package, and enter the promo code in the shopping cart to get it for free.

4 new multi-cultural models added to all packages!

We further expanded the cultural diversity in our model library by adding 4 multicultural models - 2 Arabic, 1 Asian and 1 Caucasian. The new models are available for all package levels, and have been already added to your account for use.

Log into and check out new models

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Tip of the Month - Creating TTS audio in multiple langauges

SitePal Text-To-Speech (TTS) supports an ability to create TTS audio messages in multiple languages as seen in this example page.

(SitePal TTS supports 27 foreign languages. Try SitePal TTS demo to see all languages supported )

The best way to leverage this capability is to use our dynamic sayText API as demonstrated on Note that this function does not translate text, but it only allows you to have language specific text spoken in that corresponding language.

When calling sayText() You must pass 4 pieces of information.

One. Text String - This is the line of text that you want the character to speak
Two. Voice - A complete list of voices are found in our API reference Manual. If you are not familiar with the voices, then I recommend using the value 1.
Three. Language - A complete list of voices are found in our API reference Manual. Common language values are : 1= English, 2= Spanish, 3=French,
Four. Engine - Oddcast currently licenses TTS through 4 engines : 1= AT&T, 2=Loquendo, 3=NeoSpeech, 4=Nuance

With this information, you can now build your sayText call. Here is my example:

sayText('Welcome to the SitePal website.',1,1,3);

Next you need a way to trigger the audio. The most straight forward way is to use html hyper link. As follows:

<a href="javascript: sayText('Welcome to the SitePal website.',1,1,3);">Click here </a>

Dynamic Text-to-Speech audio creation also requires that you define a 'Licensed Domain' in your account. You must do this by clicking the 'Define Domain' link on the 'Account Info' tab of your SitePal account. For more information, read our API Reference Manual or contact our support team

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(* SitePal TTS feature is available in Silver and higher packages)

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Case Study of the Month

Last month, we announced a special case study series on the theme "How small businesses innovate with SitePal in face of recession".

Following the first story on Web Pointe Mall, the second case study we want to share this month is World Voyager Vacation, a professional online traveling agency located in Washington, who has seen a significant downturn in business as a result of the current state of the economy.

Read the case study how World Voyager Vacation's differentiated its website and continued to acquire new customers during the current economy.

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