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March Highlight - SitePal TTS can laugh & cry

We've just added the ability to add emotional cues - vocal expressions that cover everything from laughter to crying, hiccups, kisses, and even raspberries - to our Text to Speech (TTS). Click the expression you want to add it to Text To Speech script, and the avatar will make a sound from the cue. Try Demo

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What's new - Feature & Product updates

Publish SitePal to Facebook

Your SitePal character now can be added to Facebook in just minutes. Check out our new "Publish to Facebook" feature in the Publish wizard of your SitePal. Log in to add your SitePal to Facebook.

All users now get UNLIMITED Scenes

Recently we removed the Scene usage limitation across all packages. Now regardless the package level, all SitePal users can enjoy creating an unlimited number of SitePal scenes. In lieu with the improvement, we also enabled "Add & Remove Scene" feature to "My Scene" page, making it easier for users to manage their scene list. Log in to create more scenes

New Demo - Text to Sing!

Our avatars can now even sing a song! Check out our new demo, Text to Sing. Change the words to edit the lyrics of the song, the avatar will sing it for you. Try Demo

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Tip of the Month - Add emotional TTS sound

With our latest release of Text-to-Speech (TTS) with emotional cues, SitePal users can now add a variety of the emotional sounds to their avatar's verbal message when using the TTS option.

The one-click automatic insertion of the sound into your Text to Speech script as seen in the demo is NOT yet enabled for the user editor (It will be soon!), but you can manually insert the cue into your script to have the same effect.

See Appendix D in our API reference guide for the names of audio cues in different languages. Insert the sound you want in the form of "_name of the audio" as seen below.

Your text box:
Welcome to my website _laugh

Note: Only specific voices can be used for emotional cue function at the moment. You can see the list of available voices in the Appendix D too.

Note: You will need a silver or higher package of SitePal to use our TTS option. Upgrade my account

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Customer of the Month

GameQuestDirect is a California-based company selling a large selection of new and rare video games online. While they offer telephone assistance to their customers, they also provide virtual assistance via an avatar who helps manage the Frequently Asked Question section of the site. Click on the "Virtual Live Support" button on their homepage.

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