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We're comfortable in our (new) Skins

Several new Skin designs have been introduced and are now available for all SitePal accounts. The new skins feature minimalist functional design, and include a new "youtube" style and a new standard narrow style. To try new skins, see 'Step 5 - Players' in the editor. Log in

New SitePal Skin Examples

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What's new - Feature & Product updates

Visitor Geographic Locations

The new Visitor Location Report is now added to all SitePal accounts. The new report shows you where your site visitors are coming from (Heat Map) and allows you to drill down to the level of states, regions or territories (Detailed report). To see the origin of your site visitors, go to the "Report" page and select "Visitor Location" report (#2). Log in

SitePal Loader Redesigned

The SitePal loading bar has a new face! The new loader is now applied to all SitePal accounts

Audio Limit Increased to 90 Seconds

The allowed length of an audio file for SitePal has increased from 60 sec. to 90 sec. If you need to use an audio longer than 90 seconds, please contact our technical support at

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Tip of the Month - Making a Virtual Interpreter

With help of Google Translator APIs, a SitePal character can translate a written text into a spoken message in another language. Try our Text to Speech Interpreter Demo to see this in action. The SitePal virtual interpreter can be an excellent tool for teaching a language or to communicate with an international audience.

We often get asked - so we decided to give out the details:

How to make my own virtual interpreter

Advanced users may already know about SitePal's ability to dynamically speak text. This is done via the sayText API demonstrated at Along with the calls on this page, you must declare the 'Licensed Domain' where you authorize your scenes to speak dynamic audio.

Couple this ability with Google's translation APIs and your character can dynamically speak in most SitePal supported languages as shown at

The easiest way to do this is to use the JavaScript versions of the APIs. The most important lines are:

google.load("language", "1");
//which loades the translation APIs;

google.language.translate('your text here', "",speakIn, function(result) {
//translates the text that you provide;

if (!result.error) { var container = document.getElementById("translation");
//receives the new text string;

sayText(result.translation, 1, document.myForm.speakLanguage.value, speakEng);
//causes the character to speak the translated text;

} });

For any further questions, contact us at

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Customer of the Month

Norfolk Navy Homes is a Virginia based company that helps Navy families on the move find the house of their dreams. "Salty", a custom-made avatar dog, is helping prospective home buyers navigate their site and get the most from their unique service.

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