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May Highlight - Meet New SitePal Faces


This month, 8 new models of different themes were added to SitePal's model library.

From the top left, clockwise, Hector, Annabelle, Junho, Miso (Professionals), Yuni, Karamel (Anime), Eva and Bryan (Teens)

All models, except Karamel, are available for all SitePal packages and customizable with different outfits, hair styles, skin colors, etc. Karamel can be purchased in the SitePal model store.

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What's New - Feature & Product Updates

A Sneak Peak at Our Newest Technology - SitePal Photo-Face Demo


The Photo-Face demo is the next generation photo-real 3D avatar. This innovative technology turns any digital photo into a life-like 3D talking character in seconds. You can touch up the face by controlling aging, facial features or adding facial expressions. Let us know what you think - leave your comments in the forum.

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Tip of the Month - Creating Time-Sensitive Audio Messages for Your SitePal

Dynamic audio can personalize your website and make the viewer feel like your website was created specifically for them. A great way to quickly personalize your audio is to add time sensitive greetings as demonstrated on our home page.

SitePal Javascript API allows you to easily set up dynamic time-appropriate greetings. Let's look at an example we set up.

In this example, we have simplified the interaction to 3 different audios - Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening. (view the Source of the page for actual code)

To add the functionality, add the following code to the HTML of the page where you have your StiePal avatar as seen in the example page. This code defines the API function setting.

function vh_sceneLoaded(){//actions will be taken when scene loads;

d = new Date(); // retrieve the date from the local computer;
hours = d.getHours(); // read the hour from the date

Then add the following code, and customize the setting per your need

//Actual code example for customized application;
//sort your message based on the date;
if(hours < 12){ //before noon say the following;
sayAudio('goodMorning'); }
else if (hours < 17){//after noon and before 5pm say this;
sayAudio('goodAfternoon'); }
else{ //after 5pm say this;
sayAudio('goodEvening'); }

Define the logic (if or else if functions), time (e.g. <12) and audio names ("goodMorning"). Please note your audio messages should be created and stored in your SitePal account, and the exact audio file name should be used in the code to enable the call.

This code must be wrapped in HTML script tags as shown in the example. If you are unsure how to write tags, you can place this code directly in front of the </script> tag in our embed code.

For any further questions, contact us at

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Customer of the Month

Wall Calendar.US is a North Carolina based company that provides high-quality large dry erase calendars that can be custom designed for both homes and businesses. SitePal adds a personal touch to the homepage by providing a warm friendly welcome.

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