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Targeted and effective promotion of the product is a key to any affiliate success. We empower our affiliates with easy-to-use, results-proven promotional material. Our latest addition is the Customer Acquisition Tool (CAT) - a mini promo page (see example) which you can easily co-brand and add to your site(s). Users can learn about, experience and get SitePal right on the spot. Result? Maximized customer signups!

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What's new - Product and Feature Updates


New Male Voices for Text to Speech

3 new male voices were added to SitePal's Text to Speech voice library. All 3 voices support emotional sounds. Click on the smiley icon on the right corner of the text box to insert an emotional sound. Try demo

• Alan - Australian English, male
• Magnus - Danish male
• Dmitry - Russian male

New SitePal Models - Coming Soon

Have a sneak peek at the next generation of SitePal models. Using PhotoFace 3D technology, we will offer the most natural human-likeness possible, and the ability to create your own!

This innovative feature will be available to SitePal customers at no extra cost - very soon now. So stay tuned!

See a sample of Kara,
the next SitePal face

What is PhotoFace?
PhotoFace is an innovative avatar creation technology we build for SitePal. Using PhotoFace users can automatically generate a photo-real 3D moving avatar from a 2D digital photo . Check out our Demo

Tip of the Month - Customize the default response of your SitePal A.I Bot


About SitePal Artificial Intelligence (A.I)

SitePal Artificial Intelligent (A.I) is a very powerful communication tool that lets you configure your avatar to answer to any questions from your visitors based on a pre-defined knowledge base.

Check out more about the SitePal A.I at /aimc

** SitePal A.I is a Gold package feature.

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How to customize the default response of your A.I Bot

Since an A.I bot is still not a human, even with the best programming structure, the bot may not know every answer that a user may ask. We provide a default response for such cases, but users can also customize it. In this tip, we will walk you through how to do it. This will require advance AIML editing.

1. Go to the AIMC page within your SitePal account, click "Edit" tab, and click Advanced AIMC file system on the page. Locate std-pickup.aiml file in your advanced AIMC file directory.

2. Click on "Edit file" icon, locate the SAY CONFUSION STATEMENT in the file and edit the template (see the orange part)

>    <category>
>    <pattern>SAY CONFUSION STATEMENT</pattern>
>    <template>
>    Your default response goes here
>    </template>
>    </category>

3. When it doesn't know answers, the bot is programmed to display either SAY CONFUSION STATEMENT or ASKRANDOMQUESTION from std-pickup.aiml file, asking back random questions to users. If you prefer the SAY CONFUSION STATEMENT is the only default response of your bot, clear out the ASKRANDOMQUESTION in std-pickup.aiml as shown below.

>    <category>
>    <pattern>ASKRANDOMQUESTION</pattern>
>    <template>
>    </template>
>    </category>

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Customer of the Month

Celebrity Parents Magazine is the leading publication regarding all things about celebrities and babies. The magazine created a stylish avatar girl for their website to greet people and also urge them to join the mailing list. The publisher says they received great feedback from readers and the newsletter sign ups went up the day SitePal was added!

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