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SitePal Added New 3D Photoface Avatars


We are happy to announce that we further expanded our 3D Photoface model collection by adding 4 new models!

3D Photoface is our latest technology that converts a digital photograph into a video-quality 3D avatar.

SitePal users get:
• Choice of a dozen 3D Photoface models
• Ability to create your own model from a photo

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Meet the new models:
From the top left, clockwise, Kay, Liz, Mandy and Michael.

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Mother's Day Promotion with SitePal


SitePal speaking avatar is a great tool to boost holiday promotions, and Mothers Day is no exception.

• Add the Mothers Day touch to your site by accessorizing your avatar for the season

• Use the audio script to highlight your promotions / deals

• Spoken call to action to persuade visitors to make a purchase

Quickly add a seasonal touch with our 4 new Mother's Day backgrounds.

Check out your editor ?Step 3 Background? to try these.

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Tip of the Month - How to Create Your Own PhotoFace


Have you ever wished you could have a virtual representation of yourself who can speak to your customers online? Thanks to our new 3D PhotoFace technology, this is no longer just a dream!

Customer Example

The process is so easy you can have your own 3D avatar ready in a coffee break!

Masking is part of the creation process that is to cut out the background of your image, so your avatar can be placed against any backgrounds. The more details you add to your mask, the better the final result will look like, so pay attention to this step!

For any questions, please contact us at

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Customer of the Month

Forget a lengthy FAQ page full of text that nobody reads!

American Tesol Institute is using a SitePal 3D avatar to handle FAQs from visitors who want to learn how to teach English as a foreign language. And it's fun!

** SitePal?s built-in FAQ feature makes it a breeze to set up your own avatar?powered FAQ.
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