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SitePal July 2010 Newsletter

Get the Most Out of Your SitePal Speaking Avatar


Using a SitePal speaking avatar on your site sets you apart from your competition. With SitePal you are able to communicate with impact, get your message across and influence users with a spoken call for action.

You've taken the first step, and now the question is: are you getting the most out of your SitePal speaking avatar? Are you using SitePal in the most efficient way, or in other words how hard is the SitePal speaking avatar working for you?

We compiled "best practices" to help you maximize your use of SitePal and secure a positive experience for your customers. This month we will focus on your choice of character.

#1 - Optimize the Choice of Character


Are you using the best character to address your target audience? Think about your typical consumer and what they would best relate to. Keep in mind that the first impression online goes a long way, just like in the real world.

Consider the following:


A. Your character should be relevant to your target customer both in their look and way of speaking. Ask yourself the following questions:

Will my customers prefer a male or female? For example, is your field dominated by men or women? If you are providing a service, is it performed by men or women? If you are a retailer would you expect to see a male or female clerk greeting you at your brick-and-mortar shop?

What should the character's demeanor be? Friendly? Professional? Funny? Should the character use a sophisticated language or more approachable one?

Always dress to impress is your character portraying the right impression? Is he/she wearing category appropriate attire? Did you accessorize properly? Keep in mind that those little details matter. For example, business attire and glasses can provide a sense of trust and professionalism, making the character well-suited for verticals like finance or consulting, while casual look will achieve more of a personal touch.

B. Pay attention to the style of character

If you are providing a professional service your customers will best relate to a 3D PhotoFace style of character. By using the 3D PhotoFace character you are providing a real human interaction experience.

C. Get closer to your customers with the face they trust.

If your personal identity is key to your business, (e.g. legal or medical services) create a character that resembles you and use it as the online extension of yourself. SitePal's "Create Your Own Photoface" feature lets you make a realistic 3D character from your photograph.

D. Are you changing things up and keeping the experience fresh for your customers

If your target is diverse, try changing the character regularly to address the different types of visitors.

If you are providing an ongoing professional service, you should find the right look for your SitePal speaking avatar and stick to it. Your customers will get used to seeing the same face greeting and helping them, and the character or your virtual spokesperson will be part of your brand identity. You can keep things fresh by changing the audio message of the character.

E. Any special promotions? Take advantage of our specialty models to draw customers' attention to the promotion.

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Stay tuned to next month's newsletter for more exciting best practice examples

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