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SitePal September 2010 Newsletter
Get the Most Out of Your SitePal Speaking Avatar
SitePal's Best Practices Series: #2 - Optimize your Message
Last time we spoke about optimizing your choice of character. This is a key point that can have a large affect on your SitePal results. Today, we want to share some insights about optimizing your message. After all, without the right message, your users will have no clue what it is they're meant to do. Overall, it comes down to relevancy. Click on the thumbnails below to see some great examples.
Consider these points:
A. Your message should Grab their Attention!
Think about your audience. Who are you talking to? What really matters to them? What needs and wants does your product fulfill? Write down the top 3 benefits your visitors are looking for, that your site provides. Now, starting with an engaging intro, create a targeted script that will speak to your audience (literally!).
B. Your message should be Timely
Your SitePal is a great tool for communicating your most important messages to your audience, so make sure your avatar knows what to say and when!

Do you have a limited-time promotion going on (like 20% off men's socks for 3 days)? Make sure your SitePal tells your customers!

Additionally, think about the season. One season you should be considering now is the holiday shopping season. Since everyone's looking for gifts between Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, use your SitePal to tell shoppers why your site offers the perfect holiday gift!

[Tip: Update your message frequently to keep your site fresh and engaging!]
C. Your message should be Your Own
Yes, many times it's perfectly fine to use one of our standard messages. However, if you want to customize your message (think about that upcoming holiday promotion), why not put in your own flare with a custom, branded message?
SitePal makes it easy to update your audio (by phone, by recording your voice, by typing your message, by uploading a file, even by using professional voice talent!).
Tell your users what they need to know about your website and what you want them to know about your brand.
D. Your message should be High Quality
If you want the best results, ensure your audio is high quality. If you're recording your own voice make sure there's no background noise and use a mic if possible. For the highest quality audio and voice, we recommend using our lineup of professional voice talent
E. Your Call-to-Action should be Clear
Your message can be timely and have your own flair; your script can be as fresh as a fresh-baked bun with top quality audio. Still, you need one more ingredient to get the results you want: you guessed it - a clear call-to-action. Keep it simple. Tell them what they should do next. And don't forget that a little urgency never hurts.
Bonus: Your SitePal Functional Player
Did you know that you can use SitePal as your FAQ solution and even to collect valuable website leads? Choose the functional player that fits your needs, customize, and publish! It's that simple. Learn more about SitePal's functional players.

FAQ feature in action

Lead Generation in action
Stay tuned for upcoming Best Practices from SitePal!
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