Prepare for the Holiday with SitePal
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October, 2013
Prepare for the Holiday with SitePal
Summer is over and autumn is finally here! The 2013 holiday season is just around the corner. Now is a great time to refresh your site and prepare for the new holiday season with SitePal!

Our SitePal store includes a wide range of specialty characters for every holiday. Check out our spooky and scary characters for Halloween!

Use our super scary Halloween e-card to send a spooky personal message to your friends, family, or customers. It’s FREE!

In case you missed our most recent product update, check out the new and improved embed overlay feature. Users who publish their SitePal Avatar to their webpage may now position the avatar anywhere on top of their page as a floating item – now there is no need to modify your page to add SitePal to it!

Enjoy all the fun tricks and treats!

BOO! Send a spooky Halloween message to your friends with our FREE Halloween E-card!  

In this issue:

Embed Overlay is Here!

Increase Audio Limit

Build Your FAQ Solution

SitePal in PowerPoint 2013

SitePal Embed Overlay is Here!
We introduced the new embed overlay option, which can be configured to allow page owners and page visitors more control. When preparing to publish your SitePal, you can preview your webpage and position your avatar anywhere over the page. There is no longer any need to modify your web page to make room for your SitePal avatar. Because the Avatar can appear on top of the page!

Multiple options allow you to set the absolute or relative location of your SitePal to the page. This provides great flexibility without requiring users to be tech savvy. The embed overlay option can be configured to allow page owners and page visitors more control. For example, visitors can be allowed to move the avatar anywhere over the page, or minimize it if they prefer. To keep users engaged, the SitePal character may appear as the page loads, or may be configured to wait and appear only after the user has spent some time on the page.

Try it out now, by publishing your show, selecting “Embed in a Web Page” and choosing the Overlay option.

SitePal Tips and Tricks

Increase Audio Limit
Have you ever wanted your SitePal avatar to say more? Currently the text limit is 900 characters, and recorded audios cannot be longer than 90 sec. You can however string together multiple audios for consecutive playback. All you have to do is break the audio into chunks and use our API to speak them in sequence. This method allows your SitePal to speak any length of audio. Check out the examples to the right.

Example 1 Example 2

Embed SitePal avatars on PowerPoint 2013
SitePal users can easily embed SitePal avatars to their PowerPoint presentation. All users have to do is to download and install the SitePal Add-in for PowerPoint. After installing the SitePal add-in, just simply click on it and log into to your SitePal account and insert the Scene that you want. See below for the SitePal add-in and the user guide:

SitePal add-in

SitePal add-in user guide

Build Your Own FAQ Solution in HTML
Though we offer FAQ Players to allow your SitePal avatar to respond to user’s questions, some folks would like to design their own FAQ implementation. Doing so provides more design flexibility, and also allows using non-Roman characters currently unsupported by our FAQ Players (i.e., Mandarin, Japanese, Korean characters). Check out our example.

Showcase your Website

You’ve worked hard on creating your website. Your’re proud of it, and now it’s time to promote it! If you have a great example of SitePal being put to work for your site or blog, we may feature you in our Customer Showcase.
Email us with a link to your site.

If you’ve measured your website’s success with SitePal, we may even feature your site as a case study in our Success Stories section!
Let us know if you’re interested.

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