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Spring, 2015
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Full Body Responsive Characters - Now Available!

SitePal's characters collection now includes 6 Full Body characters. Let's meet them, from left to right: Caroline, Lee, Alice, David, Vivien and Jeremy.

The new characters are responsive to your audio. Once you assign an audio, the character not only speaks the audio, but automatically gestures according to the audio's natural emphasis!

Creating amazing full body animated gestures has never been easier. Seriously!

Furthermore - our new characters are implemented in HTML5, which means they are fully mobile compatible.

A demo featuring the new characters can be found here: Full Body Demo

Our Full Body characters are now available to all users. Log into your account and check out the new models now.

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SitePal Characters Now Mobile Compatible

SitePal Characters Now Mobile Compatible

The new Full Body Characters are built in HTML5 technology which means they are fully mobile compatible. Your character will display, gesture and speak on mobile devices and fully supports our API calls.

Your character will come to life on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Check out the new characters on your mobile device!


Tips of the Month

Voice Filters
Voice filters allow you to adjust the sound effects of your Text-to-Speech voices. You can easily apply voice filters to your Full Body avatars by using our API. The filters allow you to alter the pitch, speed and duration or add a robotic quality to the audio. Check out some examples here.
How to use the Multiple Audio Feature to keep your site engaging
Fresh audio can add interest to a website and keep it engaging. But who has the time to update the audio once a day? Adding multiple audios to a scene is easy and takes care of it for you - no programming is necessary. In the editor, select the audio tab and check the "select multiple audios" box to enable the feature. Record several different messages (the more the better - there is no limit!) - and assign them all to your Scene. Each time the Scene plays, one of your audios will be selected randomly.

Showcase your Website

There are so many ways to use SitePal on you website and we would love to see how you use it.

Email us a link to you site if you would like to be featured in our Customer Showcase, our site or blog.

Email us if you have measured your site's success with SitePal and would like to be featured as a case study in our Success Stories section.


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