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SitePal Launches 3D Photoface
Create a website video using a speaking avatar that just looks like YOU

We're thrilled to announce the launch of SitePal 3D Photoface, a new feature which allows SitePal users to rapidly create lifelike 3D speaking avatars from a digital photograph. The Photoface avatars can be easily scripted by voice recording or built-in text-to-speech features, and then published to a Web page through a simple short HTML code, instantly humanizing and personalizing customers' interaction online.

Option 1: Create Your Own

Click "3d Photoface" tab in step 1: Models

Option 2: Use Pre-made Photoface Avatars

SitePal also provides many built-in professional-looking Photoface avatars. Select from your 3d Photoface model gallery.

View pre-made avatar samples

How can I start using SitePal Photoface avatars?

Go to the "3D Photoface" tab inside Model step of your editor. (Sign up for a SitePal account here, if you don't have one.)

Silver, Gold and Platinum users have access to the "Create Your Own" feature in addition to built-in Photoface avatars, and can make an unlimited number of PhotoFace avatars for no additional fee. Bronze users get all built-in Photoface avatars, but not the "Create Your Own" feature.

Give Us Feedback

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