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Welcome to Young Entrepreneurs

Welcome to Young Entrepreneurs

Statements like ‘Entrepreneurs are made not born’ have been given and are in part true, but not wholly accurate. Maths geniuses aren’t made, nor are top scientists otherwise anyone could be taken and made into a top mathematician or scientist. The same can be said for entrepreneurs, successful ones that is. Whilst it’s true that the knowledge required to be acquired by the individuals is imparted from those who have gone before them, the requisite level of intelligence and ability to assimilate information and formulate new ideas and concepts is believed to some degree innate and genetically inherited.

It is therefore important to identify this innate genetic ability at an early stage and begin the nurturing process towards becoming successful entrepreneurs. A genetically gifted athlete who isn’t given the opportunity to train and be coached in the right techniques to make them the best that they can be, would probably never realise the potential that exists within them, a) because it hasn’t been identified and b) because they haven’t been coached how to make the most of their abilities. Top athletes don’t just appear on the world stage without training, they spend many hours, weeks and months refining their skills and even then may not make it to the top level. The same is true of entrepreneurs, they don’t become an immediate success overnight, they learn their trade, hone their skills and surround themselves with the right people and resources.

Young Entrepreneurs aims to firstly identify young people who have the innate ability to become entrepreneurs and then nurture them to become successful ones. In order to achieve this we have developed a framework that will enable us to positively identify young entrepreneurs which is the first step on the entrepreneurial journey.

Following several years of extensive research in the field of entrepreneurship, we have created a series of surveys and questions that will identify whether or not the person undertaking the examination has the necessary traits and characteristics that make a person entrepreneurial. The scoring algorithm will then determine whether the person has ability to potentially become a successful entrepreneur of the future.