Speak Text-To-Speech Audio

Create your text & speak audio and speak it in real time

Click to trigger the speakGreeting() function if audios don't play on load.
In order to use dynamic "Text to Speech", domain validation must be
enabled within your account. Please see our TTS tech note here
for more information.

The "Text to Speech" audio may be triggered in any of 3 ways:

  • When the scene is loaded, using the "Event Function" vh_sceneLoaded():

          function vh_sceneLoaded()
                //the scene begins playing, add actions here
                sayText('Welcome to our text to speech A P I example',3,1,3);

  • Using a call to the sayText() command, specifying the text:
    Click here to say something!

  • Letting the user enter the text in a form: 

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