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SitePal offers 3 powerful APIs (Application Programming Interface), allowing advanced users or developers to integrate the character's behavior with their business logic. We also provide an embedded toolkit for using SitePal characters in your native code mobile app development.

SitePal Standard (Client) API

Your page controls what your characters say & when they speak by using an extensive set of client side Javascript API functions. The Client API enables your page to control the SitePal Scene and to receive status updates back. Available with Silver, Gold and Platinum plans.

Client API capabilities include:

  • Facial control functions
  • Speech functions
  • Navigation flow functions
  • Scene attribute functions
  • Event callbacks
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SitePal Enterprise (Server) API

Remotely manage your users' characters, media assets & settings, to achieve tight integration with your application's functionality. Create and upload audio, generate & download video, programmatically embed character content in your user's pages.

Server API capabilities include:

  • Account authentication & management
  • User management
  • Scene management
  • Background & audio management
  • TTS creation & management
  • Video generation & download
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Embedded Mobile Toolkit (EMT)

We offer the embedded toolkit for developers to use on mobile devices. EMT enables loading the characters locally within a native iOS or Android app, as well as (optionally) enabling users to select accessories, skin tone, etc.

Pre-recorded audio can be included with the app install and thus no server calls will be needed. Or, if your app is looking to use TTS it would call to the server to generate & stream the audio. Characters would be installed with the application and loaded locally in a webview pane in the native app. An api is provided to load the characters and control them.

Note that using the embedded toolkit is not required to get your SitePal characters to function on mobile. You can load the characters directly from your SitePal account if you like. But the embedded toolkit provides superior performance by eliminating the need for download.

Examples of Apps using EMT:

Voki for Education
iOS | Android
iOS | Android
To learn more about the EMT please send a note to our sales team .