PublishingMake your character live

SitePal's publishing wizard helps you publish your SitePal talking character. Make a few simple choices, and generate a bit of text (the "embed code") to paste into your web page. But there are other publishing options as well, which we will cover here.

SitePal is fully compatible with all hosting provider & web server technologies and languages, as long as they permit adding JavaScript code to your web page. SitePal works in all web browsers, including on mobile devices.

Publish to Your Website or Blog
  • Our publishing wizard automatically generates HTML embed code for you
  • Just copy and paste the code into your web page
  • Choose to embed into the page layout or, overlay on top of the page
  • Updates to character design or audio are live immediately. There's no need to embed the code again
Publish to Your Email Campaign
  • Turns your flat e-mails into audio-visual promotions!
  • Works with your preferred email marketing service.
  • Embed Scene image in your email template, user click plays your spoken message.
  • We generate a bit of html code for you to add to your email. It’s that easy!
Publish to Video
  • Generate a video from your SitePal Scene
  • Use it in your training videos, YouTube content, Powerpoint presentations & more.
  • Specify desired resolution & video format
  • Generate with "Green screen" background for transparency
  • SitePal video generation license supports:
    • Using generated videos commercially & in your own media.
    • Saving videos on your servers, as well as incorporating them into your own media.
    • Perpetual rights to use the generated videos, even after SitePal subscription ends.
  • This feature is available to Gold & Platinum annual plans. Please see “Pricing” page for details.
Publish to Your Mobile App
  • Mobile app developers can incorporate our characters into native apps on Android or iOS.
  • Load the character from your account into a web view pane.
  • Or, ask us about our Embedded Mobile Toolkit to bundle your characters with your app.
  • Either way, the app can control the characters & drive their speech via API.
  • Talk to us about your needs!
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Publish to Your Social Networks
  • Publish your SitePal character to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & others.
  • Share a link on whatsapp and other message services!